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PS4 Dominates Gamestop’s Best Sellers Chart

PS4 Gamestop Domination


Above is a screencap of the current best-sellers chart at Gamestop.com.  As you can see the PS4 currently has 4 bundles in the top 5. Coming in at #1 is the PS4/PS Plus/inFamous bundle. At #2 is the PS4/PS Plus bundle and at #3 its the PS4/COD/Plus bundle. Titanfall’s Collector’s Edition comes in at #4 and then the basic PS4 system comes in at #5.

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Titanfall Sells 580k On USA Launch Week

Sales are in. Titanfall has sold an impressive 580,521 copies in its first week in the United States. That makes it the best-selling launch week for any Xbox One title so far. Not only that but Titanfall has also increased Xbox One sales by 118% putting the Xbox One ahead of the PS4 for the week.

Titanfall has also been a critical success. Sitting at an 86/100 at Metacritic, Titanfall is the best reviewed next-gen retail exclusive so far this year.
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inFamous: Second Son Sells 370k In It’s First Week

Weekly sales are in. inFamous: Second Son has sold an impressive 370,937 in its first week in the Unites States. How this this compare to previous inFamous games? Take a look below.

inFamous sold 152k in its first week in the USA.
inFamous 2 Sold 208k in its first week in the USA.
inFamous: Second Son sold 370k in its first week in the USA.

As you can see, Second Son is by far, the most successful inFamous game launch EVER. That’s a 77% increase in sales! That’s not all though. inFamous: Second Son has also gotten rave reviews from critics. Currently sitting at an 80/100 the game has generally favorable reviews.

inFamous: Second Son is now available for purchase on Amazon.