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The Last Of Us PS4 Coming June 20th?

Listing on various retailers like Gamefly, Best Buy and Target have set the release date for The Last Of Us Remastered for June 20. This would be on a Friday and exactly one week after E3.

The PS4 version of The Last Of Us is expected to have better shadows, lighting and character models all while running at 1080p/60FPS.

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PS4 Has Over 1,000 Indie Games In Development

Sony has announced that over 1,000 Indie Games are in development for the PS4. This is an incredibly high number and to put in into perspective, guess how many the Xbox One has? 250.

Sony has done well to position the PS4 as the best place to play not only blockbuster titles but smaller innovative indie games. Notable upcoming Indie Games on the PS4 are The Witness, Minecraft, Rime, Transistor, Everybody’s Gone To Rapture, Octodad and Hotline Miami 2.

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