PS4 Dominates Gamestop’s Best Sellers Chart

PS4 Gamestop Domination


Above is a screencap of the current best-sellers chart at  As you can see the PS4 currently has 4 bundles in the top 5. Coming in at #1 is the PS4/PS Plus/inFamous bundle. At #2 is the PS4/PS Plus bundle and at #3 its the PS4/COD/Plus bundle. Titanfall’s Collector’s Edition comes in at #4 and then the basic PS4 system comes in at #5.

Xbox One IS on the chart in case you were wondering. The XB1/Titanfall bundle comes in at #19(as of the time of me writing this article).

What this proves is that the PS4 is still in high demand, despite the amazing deals the Xbox One has had over the past few weeks. It could be purely due to price or it could be a big boost due to inFamous. One thing is for sure though, there’s no stopping this train.

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