inFamous: Second Son Sells 370k In It’s First Week

Weekly sales are in. inFamous: Second Son has sold an impressive 370,937 in its first week in the Unites States. How this this compare to previous inFamous games? Take a look below.

inFamous sold 152k in its first week in the USA.
inFamous 2 Sold 208k in its first week in the USA.
inFamous: Second Son sold 370k in its first week in the USA.

As you can see, Second Son is by far, the most successful inFamous game launch EVER. That’s a 77% increase in sales! That’s not all though. inFamous: Second Son has also gotten rave reviews from critics. Currently sitting at an 80/100 the game has generally favorable reviews.

inFamous: Second Son is now available for purchase on Amazon.


15 thoughts on “inFamous: Second Son Sells 370k In It’s First Week”

    1. For Xbone’s “savior”, Titanfall titanfailed! Only 580,000 for the most anticipated game of the year. In Europe, Titanfall failed even larger. In Europe, Infamous: SS will likely
      crush Titanfall. Wait until worldwide numbers for both are revealed.

    2. LOL that’s just in the U.S. numbnuts. It sold a million pre orders before titanfall even hit 900k globally.

    1. So a single player game got out sold by a MP COD clone and you act surprised and call it a “flop” are you really that stupid, you and Demetre should form a club, a club of idiots.

  1. Mickey, this is impressive! Titanfall was backed by a HUGE marketing campaign. MS does this a lot. They put all their eggs in one basket whereas Sony tend to spread their focus across various first party and third party titles (case in point: PlayStation adverts for AC4, Arkham Origins).

    Also, this sold more than inFamous 2 even though that released on a system with a player base of around 50 million (whereas PS4 is in the region of 6.5mil).

    Obviously it could always be better marketed but this is great for Sucker Punch and Sony. Well deserved for a franchise that still has a lot of potential.

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